Total Roundtrips 2022

Doctor appointments, grocery store visits, social events, and more

New Riders in 2022

Increased ridership by 25% through social media and print advertising

Average Monthly Round Trips

352 average monthly round trips in 2022.

Beaches Senior Network

Resources for Seniors

The Beaches Council on Aging improves the quality of life for senior residents of the Beaches by connecting them, to people, services, and places, with care.  We serve the beaches community by Providing Beaches Seniors avenues to independence, guiding them to service information, and giving seniors a sense of self-sufficiency and security for a more positive and healthy life.
Beaches Senior Network

Connecting Seniors to a variety of services needed.


Providing personal & affordable transportation.


With your support we can continue to help improve the lives of seniors in our community.
Resources for seniors

Latest news & updates

Thank you for helping us make a difference in our community!

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