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Our Mission

Beaches Council on Aging Improves the Quality of Life for Senior Residents of the Beaches by Connecting them, to People, Services, and Places with Care.


Many in the beaches communities regularly recognize the white bus with the brightly colored Dial-a-Ride logo traversing the street neighborhoods east of the Intracoastal. Dial-a-Ride is the flagship service of the Beaches Council on Aging, a nonprofit formed in 1975, to represent elder care concerns within our beaches communities. Today, we coordinate resources and help develop essential services that allow our growing beaches senior population to lead independent, healthy, socially engaging lives. Dial-a-Ride has become a vital means of supporting our local seniors and disabled who would otherwise be homebound. More than a simple mode of transportation, Dial-a-Ride has allowed hundreds to become independent and active members of society again.




Transportation is recognized as a key element in the senior population’s ability to “age-in-place,” living safely in the homes and neighborhoods that they love. Additionally, an individual’s overall health is not limited to the physical. Engaging in social, spiritual, educational and cultural activities are key to one’s overall health and well being. This makes Dial-a-Ride a critical link for our senior community.


Antoinette’s father and family needed Dial-a-Ride. Hear her personal story in this featured video. They are the reason we are committed to Beaches Council on Aging. 

What Our Riders Have to Say About Beaches Council on Aging

The Dial-a-Ride program has impacted multiple generations and our story is told from many perspectives

"I can always depend on Dial-a-Ride. They never make me feel rushed and take me everywhere I need." - Fay (Fay has been a rider since 2015)

"I have been with Dial-a-Ride since 2003 and I honestly couldn't image my life without it. Everyone has always been so kind and helpful." - March

"Dial-a-Ride has always been so helpful and convenient. The drivers are always so nice and help me with my bags. I honestly don't know what I would do without it." - Marianne (Marianne has been a rider since 2012)

"The people are so kind, always on time, and very helpful." - Ms. Brownyard (Ms. Brownyard has been a rider since 2016)

"Dial-a-Ride has been such a blessing, and we will be forever grateful." - Jackie & Al (Jackie & Al have been riding with Dial-a-Ride since 2016)

"Dial-a-Ride has been such a life saver for me, without this service I would have no way to get to my medical appointments. It is also so affordable and has been so marvelous for both me and the beaches." - Shelia (Shelia has been riding with Dial-a-Ride since Feburary of 2018)

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