Eva Harnik | Dial-a-Ride Client

Dial-a-Ride transports people around the Beaches, but one of its most interesting riders is an energetic 94-year-old named Eva Harnik.

Eva stopped driving three years ago after her depth perception changed. “A neighbor told me about Dial-a-Ride, and as soon as I decided not to drive, I called them up. It’s been a blessing for me.”

A retired anesthesiologist, Eva began swimming when she was 3 years old in her native Hungary. She has always maintained an active lifestyle,  which was just as important to her as she aged. Eva currently walks three days a week and swims regularly at the local YMCA. 

Born in the capitol city of Budapest, Eva earned her medical degree from the Budapest University of Medical Science, At age 28 she moved to a former mining village in the Midlands of England to practice medicine. After 17 years in England, she earned a fellowship at the famed Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Next came a position at Georgetown University Hospital where she practiced until her retirement.

Her independence and passion for active living led to two “post-retirement” careers as a landscaping designer and then as a travel writer and photographer. She published more than 20 travel articles in the Washington Times on locales around the globe. She has traveled to northern Africa, Nepal, and Bhutan for trekking expeditions.

These days, Eva uses Dial-a-Ride for less exotic treks but ones that keep her self-sufficient and independent: the grocery store, shopping, doctor’s appointments, and more. What she most enjoys are the trips to the Ponte Vedra YMCA. Remaining active is key to her physical and emotional well-being. Dial-a-Ride plays a vital role in that. 

“My quality of life would be different without Dial-a-Ride,” she says. “I depend on them a great deal. They are all pleasant, lovely people. Always friendly.”  Dial-a-Ride makes connections to improve the quality of life for seniors and disabled adults in Jacksonville’s beaches communities. To support our mission or for more info, visit beachescoa.org.

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